I need to remind myself often that its just a day. Good, bad, or indifferent it’s a day like all the ones before it. I made it through those days and I have every intention of making it through this one. We have “those days” that feel like bad days. Often we can’t find a reason it’s a bad day, It just feels bad. I search through my mind for some mental restart button. Maybe I can reset my way of thinking and it won’t be a bad day. I know, no such thing right? What if there is? What if inside of the chaotic swirling inside our minds is the switch to make the bad day a little less bad? I have found my restart button. Don’t laugh. I know it sounds like the ramblings of a blogger with nothing better to say but it’s a true story. It’s no great secret or some out of the ordinary talent.

     I think we all have the ability, you just have to want to. For me it’s sorting through the mess inside my head. Filtering through the past and shoving it aside so it isn’t affecting my present. It isn’t easy and it has taken practice and desire to change my mindset. It has been a survival tool for me. It’s one more thing I have learned so I feel I have more control of a mind that has often betrayed me. I am a pretty strong-willed person and I have fought my mental illness for years. Took as many years to realize I fighting against it instead of with it. I know that bad days are just days. I don’t pretend anymore, no fake smiles, no saying I’m fine when I am obviously not. That’s my mental restart button. It’s accepting bad days are bad sometimes for no damn reason. I push the past habits out-of-the-way and I just refocus on today. I get through THIS day. Forget the bad days before this one. Don’t bog yourself with it. Just do today!    

     Told you there was no great secret to it. Just a little practice and you can do that mental restart so you can deal with today. I am in this with everyone else trying to figure it out. I have just accepted I may never figure it out and I am just fine with that. I will leave the great questions of life and scientific underlying of the mysteries of the world to those a lot more qualified. Live today, be in today, and we can be there together.